Visit at Auran gallery in Turku and see the latest artglass works in the solo exhibition of Heikki Viinikainen. All the works are made in Nuutajärvi, Finland with the professional glassblowers.

This unique art piece "Solina" is now in Nord Design Showroom in Nuutajärvi. Come and see this art work also in Lasivitriini -glass auction in Nuutajärvi 26.8.2017.

Babushka glassware designed by Heikki Viinikainen is now available in Nord Design selection. Babushka includes six different sizes glass, which are suitable for many different purposes. Glassware is produced in Nuutajärvi Glass Village in Lasikomppania hotshop.

Bukowskis Contemporary Helsinki presents contemporary art, photography and contemporary design. At the auction will be available unique works of Heikki Viinikainen. Involved ia. Kerttu Nurminen, Markku Salo, Jenni Sorsa and Janne Rahunen.

In Finland 100 festive menu is included Laine glasses designed by Heikki Viinikainen. The menu has been designed by chefs Kim Palhus and Arto Rastas. Menu is served during the anniversary year 2017 in Finnish missions abroad. In multi-purpose Laine glasses is served as a dessert brita cake.

Art piece "Talvehtijat" of Heikki Viinikainen has been included in auction in Gumbostrand Konst & Form gallery 27.5.2016. Proceeds of auction goes to Nuutajärvi Glass Village Culture Foundation. In Pruuki Gala art lovers meet with good food, art glass and music. Marjatta Sarpaneva, who hosts the gala leads the audience to the storys and creators...