Lasivitriini in Nuutajärvi 26.8.2017


This unique art piece "Solina" is now in Nord Design Showroom in Nuutajärvi. Come and see this art work also in Lasivitriini -glass auction in Nuutajärvi 26.8.2017. 

"Lasivitriini is a yearly arranged one day event for glass enthusiasts. We have merchants for vintage and antique glass as well as new generation glass artists selling their glass during this unique day in the picturesque Nuutajärvi Glass Village. The visitors also have an opportunity to see, and even try glass blowing in the glass studio.
Questions about glassmaking and design are more than welcome, the artists themselves are here to answer your questions. If you need help recognizing a glass piece, the specialists are here to help you to find lead, and while you wait your turn you may explore the collections of the exquisite Designmuseum Nuutajärvi, masterminded by artist professor Kaj Franck himself.
Every year we offer an interesting glass lecture or panel discussion to feed your soul. The culmination of the day is the glass auction where we each year have rare collector pieces for sale.

The next Lasivitriini is August 26th 2017. "